Aj earth is not a person name or any place name, it is a brand. It was born on 26.6.16. I know that you are thinking, it not any person name then how it born, A & J is a person name (But I can't tell the names because of my personal reason.) but Aj earth is a brand it is also a dreamland. It launched only for you. We know people how much love their dreams. Aj earth is a no 1 site who can full fill your dreams. We respect your dreams. We always try to hold your hand and will help to do better your life. We are all busy in our personal life so we go to many social network site for our entertainment. We also launched a chatting option in our site for entertainment. in this world the most serious problematic things is unemployment. We all try to follow many newspaper or various of sites we made a notice board. There we will always update the most recent govt vacancies and also create the direct links. Therefrom all can know abt that jobs. So easily. It placed on the home page. We are trying to open job consultancy also, where we can offer various jobs to all of you and you can start your life with us. You can send your CV to our email address when we will open this opportunity for all we will contact you first and slowly we will try to launch many other things.
We always need your support to do better in your life. you can share your thinking with us by sending an email. We respect your thinking and will try to implement that. We want your opinion because we want to improve our server. We always want to stand the threshold of your door to protect yours from the sadness.
Aj Earth always will try to see the smile on your face because Aj earth comes from love. and love teaches us how to smile. We also want to win your heart. In the last line, we want to say Aj earth is full of emotions.
If you want to know more abt Aj earth contact us by email
thanks and regards
Best of luck.